Fear: is it good?

Fear is an emotion caused by any perceived danger, real or potential, and produces a state of alert with physiological consequences on our body and mind.

Research suggests that fear can be "smelled" in others because when we feel it, without realising, we exhale pheromones that signal it. It is a way to launch airborne chemical clues and alert other members of our species to the dangers that exist nearby.

We see fear described as something that “spreads like a virus” and that crowds can be “infected” by it.

Fear is embedded in us and has been useful as a survival mechanism. The problem is when we lose control of the alarm system and go into "panic mode" or when others without a moral compass take advantage of it to exploit us.

In this case we speak of panic and this is dangerous because instead of protecting us, it makes us vulnerable by allowing someone to attack us with it.

We can only remain alert, hoping for the best and being prepared for the worst!

Let us be strong! After all, what is the alternative?

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