The useless concept of race!

If someone asks you how many oceans there are in the world, you will probably answer: five. But that answer will be wrong. There's only one! Just as there is only one race! Unfortunately, we continue to use a wrong concept that has no scientific, biological or genetic basis. There are no races, except the human race. Keeping this useless concept that refers to a social construction, we continue to claim a categorisation that excludes instead of including, divides instead of associating and, even sadder, to implicitly say that a Swedish woman and a Mozambican man, for example, cannot breed, because, like a dog and the cat, they come from different breeds. Now, as we all know, this is very foolish! We must get rid of this misconception once and for all, which explains nothing but a reference to characteristics that result from a long adaptive process of the human species after Africa's "great leap forward". In fact, we are all Africans! PS. To understand the divergence of the human species in its anatomical characteristics, imagine an ice cream divided into 4 parts placed in different places in a refrigerator. Weeks later when you open it you will find them with different shapes. However, the "ice cream" is still the same!

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